Soph and Stew came to stay…but they bought pizza so it’s ok

The weekend had taken its’ toll so Monday brought with it that much loved commodity….rest!

Tuesday kicked off the week of training in style and meant Coach P’s Hills of Doom with Tom and Tara followed by 4 reps of Lucozade hill.  It was a bit of a rough day of work but, we still made time for the gym on lunch to provide some much needed release.  Russ programmed the session this time and, as a result, this meant a lot of legs….jelly legs.

Wednesday was a “cross training” day (i.e. do what you want and just have fun) so off we went to the new Oakwood climbing gym.  A great session was had by all with everyone working on some tough problems and making great progress…although we did all leave with very sore hands and Russ had some pretty tasty blisters.  It also meant some more filming for the Power of Eight, this time starring Tom and Grace planking like crazy!

Thursday brought with it another morning run…and another hill session!  This time we followed Grace’s plan and headed over to the Lyon Valley and Tom’s Big One for continuous hill repeats.  It hurt, but was a great session all in all.  The afternoon gave us unexpected guests in the form of Soph and Stew who came to stay for the weekend.  To show off our culinary prowess we made homemade wraps 🙂

Friday was another rest day (enforced rest this time as we didn’t have time to train).  Soph and Stew were still here, but they bought pizza for dinner so all was forgiven and they were welcome.  We also had to bake a cake for Russ’ Mum’s birthday party….this did not go well.  Our first attempt involved a new recipe which, not only did not really rise, it was also very wet and semi-raw in the middle…so we went back to the old recipe!

Saturday morning Emma had her makeup trial, which meant I was left to fend for myself.  I baked the final cake and tidied the house (the rock and roll lifestyle that I lead).  During the afternoon, we started decorating the cake with a mascarpone cheese frosting…and it went surprisingly well.  The cake turned out beautifully and Mum had a great time at her birthday party 🙂

Finally, we capped off the week with a 7 mile run round Swinley with Andy, Jade and Paul.  Andy led the route with which meant it was unnecessarily hilly route.  It even included running up Surrey Hill just to run back down again…the pain!  Frosty enjoyed his porridge breakfast though 🙂


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