Hen parties, mountain biking lessons and a bank holiday 😃

Hello, this week its Emma writing rather than Russ so expect bad grammar and spelling mistakes 🙂

The week started off with a lovely run round the forest with Andy and Russ…it was boiling! Luckily we only did 5 miles, Andy went on to do 8!

Tuesday – I wanted to do a dualthon before work but Russ banned that (and I didn’t get out of bed!) 😥 so instead we did circuits at lunch. It was my session so it was a hard one, I think most people wanted to die at some point! After work we had a restful evening as we both had important work bits to do (boo)

Wednesday – Missed out on the morning session with Grace and Tom in favour of getting a good night’s sleep, instead we had a rest day and take away Prezzo in the evening, it was so yummy. Its good to be fatties sometimes 🙂

Thursday – It was a busy day at work but after work we went to the Look Out for a lovely bike ride, half the trails were closed though so it felt like we spent a lot of time climbing uphill to just ride down again, but still we got a few new PBs on the blues and found a new little drop to play on.

Friday –  We had half a day of work, which was lovely 🙂 In the afternoon we had a mountain biking lesson at Tidworth! I didn’t feel like I learnt too much as I didn’t click with the guy but Russ learnt the correct technique for jumps and drops. When we got home he taught me using simpler cues and it clicked, can’t have him being too far ahead of me!

Saturday hen party day!!! Saturday started off with a few hours of tidying and cleaning the house ready for everyone coming over at 3, I’ve never seen the house so tidy! After cleaning, we decided to go for a run in the Look Out where I picked the hilliest route I could think of.  We went faster than usual too and, therefore, the run was super hard and we both got super sweaty.

After a quick change and shower everyone arrived for the hen party at 3! Mum, Soph, Holly and Becca did a great job of making the house look the part and picked some great games. We had pin the Willie on the Russ, Willie twister and dress up toilet roll Mummy, Soph also made an amazing cake and different flavoured chocolate willies.

After the garden party we went to a Greek restaurant in Windsor, the food was yummy and after we had finished eating, we pushed the table to the side and danced all night to cheesy Greek music. Everyone had a great time. I even stayed out after like the cool person I am. Finally, at 2am Russ came and picked up Grace and I and we went home for what I hoped would be a really long sleep…..

Sunday – I didn’t get my huge sleep, my body clock woke me up at 7.30 wide awake (why can’t I feel that awake on a normal day?!) Dad came over in the morning and we went for a lovely bike ride round the countryside and into Windsor. It was Dad’s longest ride of the year after being ill since about Christmas. After the ride we made tacos and Dad popped off to Nans. We had a nap haha.

Monday – As its was a bank holiday I’ll talk about what we did on this weeks blog 🙂 Monday started with more house tidying (yay) after the hen party.  Once we had that all sorted, we decided to go for a mountain bike ride in the Look Out, It was boiling hot again and super sticky!  We decided to push it though and both got a few PBs and had the chance to practice the new skills we picked up on Friday. I even did some jumps I’ve never been able to do in the past!


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