The Race is on!

After a hard weekend of mountain biking, we decided to take Monday off and let the bodies recover 🙂

With the sun rising on Tuesday, it was time to get back on it…not until lunchtime though. Tuesday lunchtime saw a return to the usual gym sessions, with coach Grace leading this time round.  A mix of classic BBG and random leg exercises, followed by the classic Emma Bum Burner meant a healthy case of jelly legs was had by all.

Wednesday was race day (maybe we shouldn’t have trained legs the day before…) so after a far too large dinner for race day (whoops) we headed off to the Forest 5, cupcakes in hand.  Emma and I both started optimistically and had good races despite a couple of less than ideal situations (I felt sick for the first few miles because I was so full of dinner and Emma managed to choke on nothing and have to walk).  Despite this, I managed to bag a 20th place overall and with it a free t shirt from RunFace, whilst Emma absolutely smashed it and brought home 3rd lady!  I couldn’t be more proud of her and she even got a really cool trophy out of it (but no free t shirt, haha).

After a legs day on Tuesday and a race on Wednesday, the legs were feeling pretty sore so we decided to take another rest 🙂

Friday and we were feeling a little bit better and had recovered from running on super full bellies (it led to lots of cramps later on…stupid bellies) so off to the forest we went for a run with Tom.  Nothing overly exciting, just a really nice run to start the day off right and set us up nicely for the day ahead.

Saturday was cross training of a very different sort….after a slow start to the day it was off to our private ballroom dancing lesson!  If I do say so myself, we did surprisingly well and will be ready for Strictly in no time.  We haven’t mastered the big lifts yet, but we’ve got 1 or 2 more lessons so there’s still plenty of opportunity!

Finally, on Sunday, the weather cleared and we were off for a bike ride.  Being the supportive friends we are, we were accompanying Katy and Simon on Katy’s ironman training – this meant 3.5 hours in the saddle.  The longest ride of the year for me!  We had a lovely ride, out the back of Warfield towards Windsor, over towards Henley and back again.  57 miles later and we were home, having well and truly earned our BBQ later! I ate too much and got told off, no change there!! 

In other news, wedding prep is coming along very nicely and the last few bits are falling into place.  The postbox is built and ready to go and the bunting production line is running smoothly.  I searched all over the internet for a template for the postbox front but had no luck…the cheapest I could find was about £20 which is just ridiculous.  So I made it myself in Google drawings, I’ve attached the link below for anyone else who wants to take a copy and make their own!

Postbox Template



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