Northern Monkeys and Morning Runs

So…….we binned off ParkRun in favour of sleep.  So that plan didn’t happen and we did a bit of gardening instead, it’s important to listen to your body! We did go to HobbyCraft in the afternoon to get some more wedding based paraphernalia 🙂

Sunday looked like the best weather day, which meant it was a day for mountain biking.  We wanted to do something a bit different this time, so we headed off to Surrey Hills armed with the TrailForks app hoping to find some of the trails we’d heard about.  Needless to say, our efforts following the app led to a very frustrated and stressed Emma (“I can’t be bothered with all this stop start riding, let’s just go back to what we know”) and a bike ride that wasn’t going too well.  Thankfully, it was a nice(ish) day on a bank holiday so Peaslake was rammed and, instead of trying to be the self sufficient mountain bikers we pretend to be, we decided to be the hapless idiots we really are and asked for directions.  Thankfully, we ran into some friendly folk who were happy to let us follow.  We ticked off a number of the classic Surrey Hills trails including Northern Monkey, Summer Madness, Area 51 and Lovely Legs.  On the way home, we did the old favourite, Supernova, with both Emma and I managing PBs (woop woop)! Thank you to our tour guides (Colin, Paulina and other guy whose name I’ve forgotten) who managed to save a ride that was rapidly turning sour.  Now we know the way round, we can return the favour if we ever come across other lost looking bikers!

Otherwise, Tuesday was a legs circuit that left everyone walking a bit funny for a few days, Wednesday was a pre-work hill session (bleugh) and Thursday was the usual morning Swinley run (only with no Grace this time).

We have no grand plans of getting up early for ParkRun this week, but we are hoping to get out on the road bikes and continuing wedding craft (which is going great!)


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