Stupid Colds, Baby Animals and a Zombie Invasion…

Lucky us….we’ve both had the lurgy that’s been going round.  I had it for a week and now Emma has it….yay!

The lurgy stopped us from following our training plan, but we’ve still kept busy.  Easter  weekend continued with a lovely trip to the Miller’s Ark Farm lambing day which was amazing.  We managed to get hands on with loads of animals, ranging from massive sheep to tiny chicks (and the greatest ball head chicken ever) and, despite being “potentially” aimed at a more family audience, a good time was had by all 🙂

We then wrapped the weekend up with the usual Monday afternoon/evening spin round Swinley.  On this occasion, we decided to head off to the Crowthorne side and, after the mandatory several laps of Corkscrew, did some off piste larking about.  Trails were dry and running nice and quick.

Running wise, we’ve kept it short and sweet the past couple of weeks (stupid colds) with some hard efforts and a surprising amount of pre-work runs.  There was a gentle run to continue our exploration of the Bracknell Rambler’s Route (it continues to be a lovely way to get out into the countryside without going far), a jog round the local nature reserves and bluebell woods to admire the flowers, a hard(ish) 5k lunchtime effort, “Coach P’s Hills of Doom” and a Thursday morning Swinley run….I’m told that Windsor AC athletes will be familiar with these….Along with the running, we’ve thrown in a few circuits style gym sessions for good measure (and to keep the sexy) covering pretty much anything and everything (they haven’t been especially structured…but it keeps the muscles firing).

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 22.37.28

In other news, wedding planning is coming together nicely.  This weekend marked my stag weekend away with some very old friends and we had a great time.  Beer was consumed, gin was consumed, wine was consumed and pizza was consumed.  No strippers though….In addition to vast amounts of general consumption, we also went to a zombie bootcamp provided by Ram Training and it was brilliant.  Basically, the Rage virus has broken out and the world is turning into zombies and it was up to us to stop it.  After some rudimentary training in Close Quarters Battle (clearing rooms in pairs with paintball guns) and restoring public order (using riot shields ad batons to “restore” order) and a trip to the medical kit by yours truly (due to somewhat closer than planned interaction with said riot shield) we were ready for our missions.

First of all, a research facility was overrun and it was our responsibility to “restore order”.  So, we got our battle gear on and bundled into the back of the van for deployment.  We were ready for the zombie horde and it was far more intense than I had anticipated!  The zombies do not hold back and we were all thrown to the floor at least a few times….it even resulted in another trip to the medical kit for myself (another cut on the same finger, well done me).  After a short (but incredibly tiring) battle with the zombies, we had regained control and returned to base. Whereupon we were informed that the facility we had just secured had survivors in it and we were to use our CQB training to clear the buildings and rescue any survivors.  Once again, we bundled back into the van and we were off.  Operating in pairs, we systematically swept the rooms clearing them of zombies as we went….though the pesky undead have a habit of coming back to life so many had to be “re-killed”!  Once we had rescued our survivors it was back to base for a final debrief.  We then headed back to the cottage for some more beer, gin and wine…saving the world is thirsty work.

Whilst, I was pursuing the noble cause of saving the world, Emma was being far more selfish and finalising some wedding plans being generally pampered!  Nails done, makeup done and a hair stylist found for the wedding.  We are all ready to go now – just need to get the homemade bunting production line back into operation and we’ll be ready for the big day!

That’s all for now, hopefully, once the lurgies are gone we can get back to a more structured training plan!  First even Parkrun on Saturday 🙂


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